Oak Tree Close, Benington, Hertfordshire SG2 7LZ

Legal Documents Aquired

Legal Documents Aquired for the committee to start getting the ball rolling for the new Pavillion

I have recieved this email from the Chairman:

Benington Recreation Ground Committee now has in its possession, all the copies of land titles for the Recreation Ground.

26th Feb 1920, Conveyance, Indenture.
15th Jan 1948 Lease. Extention to the Northern End of the Recreation Ground, Tennis Courts ECT.
23rd Jan 1948 Conveyance, Free Hold Land, Extention to the Recreation Ground, Childrens Play Area, Carpark,Track. Left to the Village by Arther Francis Bott, in his Will.
18th Nov 1949 DeeD, Supplemental.
2nd April 1951 Lease, Extention to the Recreation Ground, Stripe of Land to the Southern End, Football Pitch.
29th Sept 1967, Stamp Marked 1975. Surrender and Re-Lease. Pull back of Tennis Courts, ECT. Re lease strip of land to the Southern end, Football Pitch.

Over the years the Land was given to the Village in good faith. From 16th Aug 2005 Benington Recreation Ground Committee, are the Charity Trust, and Benington Parish Council are the Custodian Trustees. This will stop the land being sold by ether side. But this can be decided only in Court.
This will pave the way for future funding needed in this Village.

Regards Peter Warren. Chairman.

Anyone wanting to view this info please contact P J Warren at petewrrn@hotmail.co.uk