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Historic Pictures

Here are some historic pictures from the post war era of the Rec.

This Picture is believed to be after the great clean up for the inorgartion of the new Recreation ground commitee in 1949. This area was overgrown and was cleaned up by a dedicated group of volunteers. It shows the Cricket Pavillion and some fantastic benches for people to watch the sports. This picture would have been taken at the far end of the current Rec.

This Picture is believed to be from 1951 after half of the current football ground land was donated and aquired. This is info is found in some original minutes currently owned by the current commitee. The picture is taken at the goal nearest the entrace. If this picture was to be taken today you would see the doctors surgery behind the goal.

As you can see we have been able to name two people on this picture which was provided by Vic Robinsons Daughter, Julie (Robinson) Goddard.  If you recognise anyone from this picture and would like to enlighten the site to their name or any other information, we would really appreciate an email to Mike at  michbourne@hotmail.com or make a comment on this page.

Here is a picture of Vic robinson from a paper artical when the Pavillion was burnt down.

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