Oak Tree Close, Benington, Hertfordshire SG2 7LZ

About the Rec

The Current Benington Recreation Ground Committee

Chairman: Ray Holman
Secretary: Paul Hewett
Treasurer: Natalie Clennell
Skills Planner: Richard Baker
Operations Planning: John Bent
Project Planning: Mark Hughs
Signatory: Tony Baker

Website Admin: Paul Hewett


Reading the first land title forming the Recreation Ground, this Indenture made 26th febuary 1920 beween,

Harry Whitworth Hall, of Benington Park Esquire
Arthur Francis Bott. Gentleman.
Francis Frederick Foster. Butcher.
William Mills. Clerk to the Holy Order.
Frederick William Bracey. Engineer.
David Warner. Labourer.
Arthur George Pearman. Farmer.

These seven names formed the Indenture, forming the Recreation Ground. They were very Charitable people, having very similar views, as the young men and women of the Charity Trust, like today’s men they come from all walks of life, to achieve the same goal, and that is to have a Recreation Ground that Benington will be proud of once again.

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