Oak Tree Close, Benington, Hertfordshire SG2 7LZ

The New Build Pavilion Update

Through out the Summer Months a 900 meter long trench, around the Recreation Ground was excavated by Drapers of Stapleford, we then laid the Ground Sauce heat pipe in the trench which had been excavated to a depth of 1.2 Meters, this was then pressure tested, and passed by Bio Green, this gave a great feeling to all of us who had helped, as none have worked in this field of work before.

The Designers then wanted us to back fill over the pipe, by hand, which was a hard slog, after achieving this, we set about looking for a machine to Back Fill the trench, We would like to thank Ron Stanley who Back Filled the trench with his Machine, the work was carried out in 4hrs, the cost of this work was the price of the Diesel, well done Ron, and thank you.

After a hick up we are now back on track, with all the work being carried out by Voluntary Labour and the good will of the people. It is the easiest thing in the world to criticise some one trying to achieve something, but it is the hardest thing in the world for some one to achieve something?

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking the mums and Dads, indeed families, and all the people who live both inside and outside Benington, for their help in achieving this goal.

Thank you.

Peter Warren.