Oak Tree Close, Benington, Hertfordshire SG2 7LZ

100 Years on. Remembrance Sunday 2014

100 years on.

Sunday 9th November 2014. Remembrance Sunday, This time and date is special to millions of people, there thoughts all strike the same accord.

I attended a 2 minute silence that was held before a game of football, which was played at Benington Recreation Ground, this being a special year was made different by the young men having poppies on their playing shirts, (as the picture shows).

These young men were around the same age as the young men who gave their lives for Freedom, and Democracy we all enjoy today. also the Benington Recreation Ground is a fitting Memorial to all these young men who gave their lives.

I am Proud to have been part of this display of Respect shown, which was second to none. This was True Respect of Past, Present and future Generations.

Well Done, and Thank you.

Peter Warren.