Oak Tree Close, Benington, Hertfordshire SG2 7LZ

Fireworks 2014 A Great Night

Benington recreation ground would like to thank everyone who attended the bonfire and firework display on November the 1st 2014. There was a crowd of 400+ people who came to watch the festivities. The Benington Recreation Ground Charity raised over £400 which will all go towards the new pavilion which is currently being built in the recreation ground.
Peter Warren the Chariman of the Committee would like to post this message
“Thank you to the Parish Council, for their donation of £300 towards the fireworks, also to Allied Bakeries for the donation of rolls, not forgetting the people who do not wish to be named for their donation of sausages burgers, also John Bernie for his help in preping the bonfire, the Bott family for letting us use their land, the use of their forklift to push the bonfire up and the bail of straw to light the bonfire.
I must mention some names who made this years event such a success, David Cotton, Ray Holman, Tony Baker, Richard Baker, Steven Cotton, John Bent, and Jake.”