Oak Tree Close, Benington, Hertfordshire SG2 7LZ


It’s been a short while since we last posted, so just a quick up date on where we are and what we are doing.

The block & beam floor is finished, and we had just started to seal it when this atrocious weather took hold and we had to stop.

The weather also put pay to building all the walls up to ground level and doing some rough landscaping to get the ground around the site level ready for scaffolding and further brick laying.

We have been on the campaign trail trying to raise funds and donations of materials for the next phase of the build which is the walls to go up and the roof to go on to make the structure wind and water tight. The two most costly phases left, and biggest labour and materials wise.

We have been incredibly lucky to have been given 650 blocks out of the 8000 we need by Balfour Beatty who are the main contractor constructing the new waste transfer facility in Ware opposite Westmill. An incredibly generous gift, which came after we gave them a site tour and explained that the majority of build to date had been done by volunteers and contributions from the village. They were incredibly impressed that such a small village had come together to achieve so much. We are hoping this may not be the last of the donations.

On that note we are starting to make a real push to get the funding/donations together for the next phase as that will be the tipping point to get the pavilion built and in use as soon as possible. We will be reaching out to local businesses and people to ask for help both financially and with donations of time and materials. We will also be looking to have several fundraising events this year to help.

If you own a company or work for a company that will assist local charities then please get in touch to see what we can achieve together.

Please see our Facebook page for the latest updates https://www.facebook.com/beningtonrec/

Blocks Donated by Balfour Beatty
Floor now finished ready for sealing