The History of the Rec… Continues

Taken from the Report and Balance Sheet for the year 1923.

The Committee are pleased to state that since the accounts were audited, Mr H, Whitworth hall, has kindly offered to pay off the deficit on the year.
The subscriptions to the various clubs are fixed at a low figure and it is therefore necessary to ask for general subscriptions to help with the upkeep and expenses.

W.E Mills. Hon Sec. By order of the Committee.

Accounts Show.

Receipts. £64. 12s. 10d.

Expenditure. £ – S – D

Pavilion Rebuild and internal fittings. 110 – 16 – 3
Less Insurance claim 100 – 00 – 0
Total Remaining 10 – 16 – 3

£ – S – D

General upkeep. 15 – 7 – 2
Cricket Club. 25 – 3 – 9
Tennis Club. 15 – 11 – 3
Football Club. 7 – 1 – 5
73 – 19 – 10

Deflict £9-7s-0d.

Examined with vouchers and found to be correct. Rob. J. Overton.

Amazing. in 1923 the Benington Recreation Ground Committee rebuilt the Pavilion and refurbished the internal fittings, the rebuilding of the Pavilion was completed within one year, all vouchers show how the money was spent, replacing the equipment that was destroyed in the fire. The vouchers show, Cricket umpires coats, £1-15s-0d. Bats, balls & Stumps, £6-13s-6d. Tennis netting, & Oak Posts £6-5s-0d. Football white Marking, £1-6s-0d.

Since 2004 a very large number of good Benington people have had a input to try to Build a new Pavilion. Benington Recreation Ground Charity Trust Committee can announce that Stage 1 (the footprint of the new build Pavilion) will commence on 5th of October 2013, all are welcome to watch History in the making. 1923———–2013. What a contrast?

Peter Warren. Chairman.