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The just Giving page for the Buy A Brick Campain is now up and running you can find it here


The new Pavilion that we are building at the Recreation ground is being built for the residents of Benington, so what better way of being able to say that, than actually purchasing a piece. We are launching a buy a brick/block, at the price of £1 per brick/block, you can purchase as many as you wish and we will keep a register so when complete, your name or names will be displayed inside the building on a register of donations.We have approximately 9,500 blocks and 3,000 bricks available, remember as a charity we can claim gift aid. Even £1 can make a difference !

The New Build Pavilion Update

Through out the Summer Months a 900 meter long trench, around the Recreation Ground was excavated by Drapers of Stapleford, we then laid the Ground Sauce heat pipe in the trench which had been excavated to a depth of 1.2 Meters, this was then pressure tested, and passed by Bio Green, this gave a great feeling to all of us who had helped, as none have worked in this field of work before.

The Designers then wanted us to back fill over the pipe, by hand, which was a hard slog, after achieving this, we set about looking for a machine to Back Fill the trench, We would like to thank Ron Stanley who Back Filled the trench with his Machine, the work was carried out in 4hrs, the cost of this work was the price of the Diesel, well done Ron, and thank you.

After a hick up we are now back on track, with all the work being carried out by Voluntary Labour and the good will of the people. It is the easiest thing in the world to criticise some one trying to achieve something, but it is the hardest thing in the world for some one to achieve something?

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking the mums and Dads, indeed families, and all the people who live both inside and outside Benington, for their help in achieving this goal.

Thank you.

Peter Warren.


Pavilion Update

Today has been a great day for Benington Recreation Ground New Build Pavilion, after six weeks of hard graft, sweat and toil, the 900 meter run of heating pipe laid in a 1.2 meter deep trench around the Recreation Ground and rises in the New Build Pavilion, at a position where the ground sauce heat pump will be installed, Plumbers from BeGreen gave a clean bill of health in the work carried out, in passing the pressure test. this has been a great achievement for all who helped giving their time for free, and to those who lent equipment at no charge, now we can turn our sights to the next stage of the Build. our dream is rising from the ashes.

Thank you to all.


Peter Warren. Chairman.


Her Majesty The Queen, 90th Birthday Beacon Lighting.

The people of Benington had the Honour of their Beacon being Registered and Requested to be Lit on Thursday 21st April at 2030hrs this was part of the magic 900 beacon lightings through out the UK, and Commonwealth, This Request was to mark Her Majesty The Queens 90th Birthday Celebration.
The evening started at 2000hrs with a BBQ of Burger and roll, beer or wine, and refreshments for the children, this paved the way for a real community spirit and excitement. this was then followed by Beningtons own Master of Ceremonies Mr Norman Plumb . He gave a speech about the Monarch, and their connection to Benington.
The Master of Ceremonies then introduced Cllr Richard Bott who read a personal message from His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales. At 2025hrs Watton at Stone Cub/Scouts were invited to lead the singing of the 1st and 3rd verses of our National Anthem, and followed with the singing of Happy Birthday.
The Master of Ceremonies then lead a rousing chorus of Three Cheers to Her Majesty the Queen. (not forgetting the one for luck).
Mr Harry Bott. MBE. lead the Celebrations by adhering to the Request in lighting the Benington
Beacon no 798, a truly spectacular sight, marking Her Majesty the Queens 90th Birthday.

Benington Wishes Her Majesty The Queen A Happy Birthday.

Acknowledgements and credits to;
Mr Richard Baker. Mr John Birnie. Mr Andrew Bott. Mr David Cotton. Mr Saen Clennell. Mrs Natalie Clennell. Mr Steven Cotton. Mr Ray Holman. Mr Tony Baker. Cllr Kenneth Crofton. JP. Mr Mike Bourne. Mr Peter Kingsnorth . East Herts District Council.

Thank You.
Peter Warren.
Benington Recreation Ground Charity Trust. 302334.


Benington Beacon to be part of 900 Lightings

As part of Her Majesty the Queens 90th Birthday celebration, Benington Village Beacon has been Registered as part of a magic number 900 Beacons lightings through out the UK.

Mr Harry Bott MBE. will lead the celebration in lighting the Benington Village Beacon, at the Recreation Ground on Thursday 21st April. Our provisional time slot is 1930hrs, this will be finalised by notices on the notice board, and published on the Internet on W/C 10th April. There will be refreshments, hot dog and an Alcoholic drink will be provided, Plus drinks for the children, so we can all raise a glass and toast Her Majesty the Queen.

Come and join us in a very special Benington Village Beacon Lighting for Her Majesty the Queen.

Peter Warren. Chairman.

Benington Recreation Ground Charity Trust. 302334